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  2. No response from potential employers
  3. Economic Downturn
  4. Poorly funded public schools
  5. SUV drivers STILL...
  6. Lack of good manners
  7. Municipal waste
  8. Blaming 9-11 for everything
  9. Estranged family gatherings
  10. Your response here!













  1. I 'm so sick of this tanked economy. More than 75% of the people I know are out of work!

  2. I'm so sick of sending off resumes and cover letters into the "Black Hole of No Return." Isn't there job etiquette anymore?

  3. I'm so sick of this platitude, I think serious recession is a better description.

  4. I'm so sick of the sever lack of funding public schools get. Oh that's right, they are suppossed to be funded by the lotto!

  5. I'm STILL so sick of SUV drivers: on the cell phone, guzzling gas and running red lights!

  6. I'm so sick of people's lack of manners. What ever happened to please and thank you?

  7. I'm so sick of cities undertaking beautification projects during these meager financial times.

  8. I'm so sick of saying BLANK (name your bad thing) happened because of 9-11. It was a terrible event in the history of our country, but it did not cause all our current problems.

  9. I'm so sick of having uncomfortable family gatherings where folks feel obligated to communicate, but don't really want to.

  10. What are you sick of? Debt, Bosses or the lack thereof?

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