the issots!  

issots! was established in 1988 in Silicon Valley.

Unlike many of its nortorious brethren, issots! needed no venture capital to get started, no university alliance, no R & D, and no garage.

It all started in a small company (much like your own) on a really rotten day. You know the kind.

You're late for work because you were held up by the belligerent garbage collector who was berating you for sorting your recycleables wrong. Then, when you get to the office, you discover that some knucklehead has overfilled the coffee filter so you get a mouthful of grounds with your first sip. The boss wants to talk to you about being more of a team player and the team wants you off theirs because you're always griping about the coffee. You have a major presentation due, but the presentation software has crashed your system so many times you can't even remember what the thing's about. You miss the "can we bring you something for lunch?" crowd, so you're relegated to the roach coach, which is out of BLTs and you happen to be allergic to anything in a "wrap." So it's a bag of chips, red vines and a soda again. The aroma of afternoon "brewed too long" coffee wafts into your cube as you hit restart one last time, thinking about your long drive home in bumper-to-bumper traffic. As you push in your chair and turn off your lamp, you think about doing it all again tomorrow...I'm so sick of this s___! issots!

It's what to say when there's nothing else you can say. It's right for any situation and even makes you feel a little better. Try it. Better yet, wear it!